Great projectcs on the web: -  Forum to answer all your questions about this topic. -> -> DIY powerwall projects

OpenSource Linux things:
VestaCP - Free and Open Source controle panel for webhosting (Great, simple and easy to install!) - Easy Hosting Controle Panel
ISPConfig - Manage Your Servers Directly Through Your Browser - autoinstaller, Let's Encrypt script
Webmin - web-based interface for system administration for Unix
Virtualmin - Open Source Web Hosting and Cloud Control Panels
DietPi - Easy autoinstall for your SBC
swizzin - Modular seedbox, with nextcloud and Let's Encrypt, and much more, installed the easy way.
rtinst - Automated script for installing rTorrent + RuTorrent on debian/Ubuntu
Linux network monitors commands to monitor network bandwidth on Linux server
Unifi and Unifi-Video script install
Proxmox VE - Great freeware alternative to VMWare
Mount gdrive (or others) using rclone (with crypt)
Rclone - The best sync tool for your files to/from the cloud, with encryption-support
OpenVPN install script
Rclone Browser - Browse, Mount and move your files inside windows - Installation-script for NextCloud

Freeware from the net: - - Install your favorite-freeware applications in one step - IMAPsize - Move/copy/backup all your emails in the same programe - PDFill - Great PDF-software, for PDFs - Ubuntu - Free operating system (Desktop/Server) - Debian - Free operating system (Desktop/Server) - NextCloud - "Host your own dropbox-server". Secure and with allot of features!

Other things: - Ubiquiti networks - GREAT products, for WiFi, Surveillance and network components. - Ubiquity Community - Stories and forums for Ubiquity users (and guests) - - Keep an eye on your electrical power usage. - Windows Shortcuts - Work faster and smarter on Windows - - Great site about computing - - Yours for the making... - - IP and DNS lookup. - - uptime calculator - - online tool for a different type of presentations - - Online Photo Editor and collages - Online diagram drawer (For flow-charts) - ShapeX - Collage Generator

3D Printing: - Thingiverse - download your 3D models for your 3D printer. - - 3D models - Cults3D - 3D Models - 3D Printing Troubleshooting guide by - 3D Printing Troubleshooting guide by Simplyfy3D

Dedicated server providers EU: - - Danish provider with good prices. Virtual / dedicated servers, and storage. - - German provider. Dedicaded, managed and virtual servers, webhosting and storagespace. - - Dutch / global provider. - OVH - So-you-start - kimsufi - French provider with datacenters in EU and Canada - - Dedicated servers from Germany. - - German dedicated servers, hosted at - - reseller of dedicated servers in EU / US / Asia

Speedtest-sites: - - Danish ISP with 10Gbps DK server-connection - - Nordic ISP with 10Gbps EU server-connections - Direct links to speedtest-servers